What “Low” Fees And Taxes Really Mean ….

Many active adult retirement communities promise low fees and low taxes. We believe Sun City West sets the standard for “low” costs without compromising the quality of services and amenities provided.

Annual Fees

It is not unusual for a developer to subsidize the cost of recreational facilities as long as new homes are being built. Lower fees make the community more attractive. Once construction is complete, fees may require a significant upward adjustment as the builder moves on to his next development.

Sun City West is a completed community, and has a track record of managing its resources efficiently and prudently. The Rec. Centers are debt free with significant reserves to handle any uninsured loss. As a result, residents pay a low annual fee to operate and maintain the 4 recreational complexes. The only additional charges are for golf and bowling. To see the latest fees, click here.

Golf fees help pay for the maintenance and operation of the seven golf courses. The fees shown on the Golf page for a twice-a-week golfer are among the lowest in the Valley! What other community offers a choice of 4 regulation-length courses, 3 executive-length courses, a public course, and a Country Club? Similarly, bowlers pay by the lane, with this income supporting the 30-lane Bowling Alley.

Annual Taxes

Sun City West is unincorporated and Maricopa County maintains the streets, provides police protection and other services. The cost of these is a part of the property tax paid by each homeowner. Local school taxes can often be a major part of property taxes but most of Sun City West was removed years ago from the surrounding school district. As a result, a typical property tax on a $150,000 home is less than $575 annually.

The property tax includes the North County Fire & Medical District levy. Sun City West has its own professionally staffed fire department. Each of three stations also offers 24-hour paramedic service, and there are no separate charges to residents who have to call on either of these emergency services. Additional information can be found here.

Trash collection is not included in the property tax. Residents pay under $200 annually for twice-a-week pick-up.

Certain homes are in associations that take care of external maintenance and landscaping. Residents pay a monthly fee for these services, and they vary from one neighborhood to another. Many Sun City West homes are not in associations; the individual owner pays for their landscaping and maintenance as needed. The choice of location is yours.